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MISR Hytech

Misr Hytech is the leading breeder and producer of proprietary agricultural seeds in Egypt, and one of the Middle East and Africa’s largest independent seed companies. Founded in 1993, Misr Hytech develops and produces hybrid seeds of white corn, yellow corn, grain and fodder sorghum, sweet corn, and vegetables in Egypt. The Company provides farmers with high-performing seeds that are adapted to the Egyptian market, leveraging its well-known brand, “Hytech”. The Company is headquartered in Cairo, with local R&D and state-of-the-art seed cleaning and processing facilities. Misr Hytech has a strong portfolio of proprietary germplasm across key crops in Africa and the Middle East, which will be used to support the Company’s expansion across the continent. Corn is a core crop in Egypt and one of the most widely consumed across Africa, used for both animal feed and human consumption.

In June 2019, the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund (“EAEF”), under LCP’s management, completed the acquisition of 96.7% of Misr Hytech Seed International alongside Helios Investment Partners, the leading Africa-focused private investment firm.

​Visit the company’s website http://hytechseed.com

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